Landscape and travel photography projects by Emili Fité

Namaste, Tharu village
A morning walk through a colorful Tharu village, where the inhabitants begin their first activities in a magical and timeless atmosphere.
A mystic and fascinating photographic dave into temples, shrines and divinities in kathmandu Valley (Nepal). Click to view content.
A Winter’s Tale
In a faraway land there was a magical place made of fire and ice, where glowing dancing Green Ladies lighted the winter’s night skies. This place was known as Snæfellsnes and every dream might become real. Click to view content.
Pi Mai Lao
Luang Prabang is probably the best place to celebrate the Boun Pi Mai (Lao New Year Festival), the most important event on the Buddhist calendar in Laos. Click to view content.
Secrets of Silk Road
A sight of the incredible cities of Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent following the Silk Road in Uzbekistan. Click to view content.
Crisis? What crisis?
Greek financial crisis and refugee crisis are part of the recent history of Greece, in ironic contrast with beauty and quietness of these candid pictures of its ancient sites. Click to view content.
Night on fire
This midsummer festivity in Catalonia is full of colour, fire and Aranese dances revolving around the Haro, the trunk of a fir tree. Click to view content.
La Hoya
The Huesca region of La Hoya offers us the vertical walls of the Mallos de Riglos and the Loarre Castle, among other hidden gems. Click to view content.
In the blue
Rising temperatures will change the colour of the world's oceans, making them more blue in the coming decades. Click to view content. Click to view content.
Timeless Budapest
By walking through the streets of Budapest time never passes by... Click to view content.
Tram-tram, Lisbon (Portugal)
The historic "Remodelado" trams are the quaint yellow trams that rattle and screech through the narrow streets of Lisbon, and the most scenic route is the E28, which crosses the Alfama district. Click to view content.
Matsuri BCN Festival 2016 (Barcelona)
Matsuri Festival is regularly performed in Barcelona each year since 2013 to celebrate the arrival of summer season. Click to view content.
Cap de Creus (Catalonia)
Photographic trip to Cap de Creus Natural Park (Catalonia). Landscapes, high dynamic range, long exposures. Click to view content.
Summer's photographic trip to Iceland. Click to view content.
Summer's photographic trip Greenland. Click to view content.
Sports & Action
A compilation of sporting events. Click to view content.
High Resolution Pictures
High resolution pictures as result of stitching with special programs several shots organised in rows and columns into a single image. Click to view content.
Equirectangular 360ºx180º
The equirectangular panoramic projection, covering 360° horizontally and 180° vertically, is commonly used for spherical panorama viewers. Click to view content.
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